Can not boot Jetson TX2 after getting out of space


I was installing several things on the board and I got out of memory.

Had some issues with apt so I run a reconfigure for apt-get and rebooted the board.

From that point I cant access the GUI when booting or either enter in a terminal mode with ‘ctr alt f2’

Any ideas how to recover from here?

Serial console might still work since it has the most minimal of requirements. Do you have serial console access? See:

Also, note that if you cannot get access, but if your data is valuable, then you can clone, edit the clone on a host PC, and then flash back to the Jetson (other than your edit this would be an exact match).

You’ll probably end up deleting something not installed by the package manager just to get enough space for login, and then using apt to get rid of some of those packages. If those packages are somewhere in “/usr/local”, then you can probably just mount more memory there after moving that content over to an alternative media…temporarily even if not permanently.