Can not connect to 4K display!


I just use Jetson TX1, but I can’t connect to 4K display.
Situation: 1) Use HDMI connect TX1 and normal display (1080P), it works.
2)Use HDMI connect same TX1 and 4K display, it is not work, could not login the system.

My question: Any setting for TX1 while connect to 4K display ?
Pls share to me, Thanks!

Hi jackie,

Indeed it is possible that some monitors/mode are not supported.

Would you mind dumping below information with us?

sudo -s
cat /sys/kernel/debug/tegradc.0/mode
cat /sys/kernel/debug/tegradc.0/edid

Also, share the brand name/id of your monitor with us.

Hi Wayne,

Below is information what you need. As i can’t share picture on this website, just list as below:
TX1 information:
cat /sys/kernel/debug/tegradc.0/mode:
pclk: 25200000
h_ref_to_sync: 1
v_sync_width: 2
v_active :480
v_front_porch: 10
flags: 0x3

cat /sys/kernel/debug/tegradc.0/edid:

Display information: Brand–AOC, ID: HJIDDP2DCHA1DZ

Sorry, it should be tegradc.1/mode. Could you share it?

HI Wayne,

no this file.

Hi jackie,


Do you connect HDMI monitor when you try to dump tegradc.0/mode??

Hi Wayne,

no, currently I connect TX1 with a desktop with Ubntu system.

must connect HDMI monitor?? if yes I will do it.

Yes… this step is to check the detail of your monitor mode from tegra side.


please dump the result of kernel log by using command “dmesg” and upload it as an attachment here.

pls check ~

Could you attach it as a text file to me? dmesg is really long. Your jpeg also does not cover all of it.

Also, the mode is still in 1080p mode. What I want to know is the 4k mode.

I can’t not connect to 4K display. Only 1080P display works.

While I connect to 4K display, shows no signal.

Attached dmesg.txt .
dmesg.txt (473 Bytes)

You can still remote access to the device through ssh even when HDMI is not working.

OK ,get it~ I try and send you the data what you need.

dmesg.txt (473 Bytes)

Could you also send the dmesg with us too? The file in #12 seems wrong.

I send it again.

Why is your dmesg.txt a gstreamer command? I have checked both attachments and they are both gstreamer command.

Could you check the content before upload…?

Wayne , I don’t know why. I just find input the code and show this to me.

maybe last time I use this TX1 to show 2 cameras with gstreamer.

4K dmesg.txt (63.5 KB)

Why does that matter??

Please just connect HDMI on your tegra, boot up and then use a host to ssh to your tegra device and type “dmesg” command. You already did that in your first jpeg file with your HDMI monitor. This time is just doing this on ssh virtual terminal.

After then, just copy the whole dmesg to a text file and upload here.