CAN NOT find my App in "Target Application" list, but can attach my app on Graphics Debugg


I want to profile my 3D app application by Tegra System Profiler.

I have attached my 3D app on Tegra Graphics Debugger and taken lots of debugger. But I can not find my app on Profiler on the Target Application list. How to check this problem and fix it ?

I am running Tegra System Profiler and Tegra Graphics Debugger on a Windows 7 x64 box. And the app is running on a Android 4.4 pad running on NVIDIA Tegra K1. The pad is linked to windows box by a USB cable.

Thanks very much.


hi Qingran,

there may be some race condition adb . when you opening Tegra Graphics Debugger Tegra System Profiler.

could you try just opening one instead of opening both two at the same time?