Can not flash JetsonTX2 NX

The file I downloaded from the following url has not been modified,Previously, I burned the system in the “Linux for Tegra” file directory without any problems, But today the burn system is always stuck in one place,What is the reason?

I used a custom board and burned the system on both hosts, both with the same problem.

Run “sudo./ jetson-xavier-nx-devkit-tx2-nx mmcblk0p1” command,

logs.txt (23.7 KB)

A custom board requires a custom device tree. However, even on a custom board, normally I would think flash would complete. Are you using a VM? VMs are one of the biggest problems since they don’t handle USB correctly most of the time without user intervention.

Is this truly a dev kit with SD card? If so, then also a failure point is mixing an SD card for one release with the QSPI of another release (sometimes). Regardless, does the manufacturer of your carrier board provide flash software?