Can not hear Audio on suspend and Resume


While testing the suspend and Resume[Power Management] along with Audio, faced some of the issues on the Jetson TK1 Board with L4T 21.4 Package.

Steps to reproduce the issue
1.Play any song with available player
2.While Playing , Enter into suspend [Type the command: echo mem > /sys/power/state ]
3.Wake UP [Press any Key on the USB Key board ]
4.Can not hear audio , the Play progress bar will move forward then goes to next song]

Can you provide the solution,to hear audio on Resume[Power Management].

Please do the needful.

I’m wondering if turning off the monitor and turning it back on (I assume it is HDMI for audio, but perhaps not) works around the issue? If this is the case it might narrow the search for finding out where the audio disappears.


It is not about HDMI Audio. It is not turning on / off the Monitor.

I have tested with on board codec Audio. The mentioned issue with on board codec with Jetson TK1 Board.

I’m wondering if there is any new “dmesg” output after suspend is resumed. You’d have to see what the current dmesg is, and then compare after wake up (I’d run “dmesg | tail -n 25 | less” and just leave it there for reference when wake up occurs).

The reason I’m looking at HDMI even if your output is not over HDMI is because of issues I’ve seen with audio which wouldn’t be just on a Jetson. I’ve noticed that on Linux systems with multiple possible audio output devices (and HDMI is one) that sometimes any kind of sleep or suspend followed by wake up can break current settings if the order of device wake up is not an exact match (or reverse of exact match) for when the original configuration was created. For whatever unknown reason it seems that audio directed to a “primary” audio sink might be lost if that device is stopped and not restarted in the correct order (“primary” device is a concept which does not necessarily bind to an exact specific device).

I’m wondering if perhaps the built-in line-out/headphone-out and HDMI audio are waking in a different order and thus losing the “primary” audio device (primary being the device audio should route to when there are multiple audio devices…HDMI is implicitly there and being cycled on/off from sleep/wake/resume even if you never use HDMI audio).