Can not perform first boot for AGX Orin

I have new AGX Orin. I use LG screen with Display port to HDMI. It automatically turns on, the fan goes strong, but now image on screen. I’m new on this. Anyone can help me for this.

Not sure what you mean, please help to provide more details.
You can also try to reflash your Orin device to newer SW image, see JetPack SDK | NVIDIA Developer

The screen is still dark, no input for screen

What have you done?

Please provide more details.

I had record the video

Have you reflashed the device via SDK manager by JetPack 5.0.1 DP version?

No, I did not. Do you think it can solve this problem. Can you give link for tutorial. I am really new to this.

You can refer to our partner’s tutorial: NVIDIA Jetson Orin - Wizard Flashing (

Thank you very much, I did at you said and the orin runs well

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