can not see prcess name or PID on Tegra Graphics Debugger for L4T

After install Tegra Graphics Debugger for L4T,I can run my python program, but When I see “Attach tab”
I couldn’t see any Process name. (Of course, I am running my python code. and I try to clicked and unclick “Show All button” but nothing happen)

Do I need to set some code on Python?


Did you launch your program in TGD?

  • Switch to Launch tab in Connection dialog, make sure debugger is installed (the “Install Debugger” button shows a green tick)
  • In Launch tab, find your program and launch

You can check Documentation for more details.

I make debugger installation. It shows green tick.
I move to Attack tab. I cannot see any PID OR process id …
You can see my images.


Is your program constantly rendering frames? Or only doing computing stuff?

My program is doing deep learning
It is similar to below link program


What is your purpose of using Tegra Graphics Debugger?
Are you trying to debug graphics rendering part(like the image shown in the github link) or computation part?


Ah~ I want to use computation part~

thank you


TGD is only for graphics debugging.
For compute, you can check


This will be going to provide the debugging where you need to know the graphics part which will be going to access it so that the hp australia support will manage the solution which is needed for the user where they cannot able to process it for the Linux part which will be easily able to access it.