Can Nvidia be used without VCU?

Is it possible to drive a full self driving car only using Nvidia Agx Drive without using Vehicle Control Unit (VCU).
I mean can Nvidia Drive directly control AC Motor Controller, Emergency Bracking System etc…?

Dear tasnemulhasan.nehal,

We are using drive-by-wire interface for vehicle interface, please see below link NVIDIA Hyperion configurations. Thanks.

With DRIVE Hyperion, software is configured for data acquisition (of various sensors), data logging (using storage devices), visualization (using displays inside the vehicle), vehicle interface (using a drive-by-wire interface), and software updates (using a modem). This allows developers to experience, evaluate, and develop using NVIDIA DRIVE applications and DRIVE Software.

Thank you Sir for your reply.
There’s another question i would like to ask that at “Developing with DRIVE Core” in “How to Setup” section it is written that i must have “DRIVE AGX Developer Kit” and “DRIVE Hyperion Kit” can be optional.

Is that mean i cant use “DRIVE Hyperion Kit” without “DRIVE AGX Developer Kit” ?
Pardon my basic knowledge about your Kit.

Dear tasnemulhasan.nehal,
DRIVE Hyperion Kit must have DRIVE AGX developer kit to experience and evaluate included applications (DRIVE AV and DRIVE IX) for autonomous driving, driver monitoring, and visualization.

So the answer to initial question is, with “DRIVE Hyperion Kit” with “DRIVE AGX developer kit”, we do not need VCU, right?

Dear tasnemulhasan.nehal,

To control steering wheel via CAN interface, need drive-by-wire controller like or