Can create only default image?

Hi, I wonder if I’m missing some option that allows to create an image which contains all files installed. Similar to dd if=/dev/mmcblk0p1 way.

What I could get with nvmassflashgen is only default jetson image.

hello andrei,

it’ll contain the default release image, if you download the default JetPack release via SDKManager, and running script file to create the Massflash blob.
there’s readme file, README_Massflash.txt for your reference,

Thanks for confirmation!
That’s sad we cannot use this awesome mechanism for custom images.

If you repopulate the “Linux_for_Tegra/rootfs/” with a clone of your system you want, then it should generate the new image based on that. The exception is that arguments passed to the flash software will alter device tree and/or kernel and/or extlinux.conf (basically the content of the boot chain is copied into “rootfs/” each time you flash based on arguments). If you are correctly replacing that boot chain content, then the image produced will also use that content (e.g., kernel, device tree, extlinux.conf).

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