Can Omniverse work with Flexsim?

The simulation tool my company uses is Flexsim.I wonder if Omniverse will develop a connector for Flexsim .Or how do I integrate Flexsim and Omniverse workflows.

Hope to have some suggestions.

Hello @clik_deng! Welcome to the Community! Glad to have you as part of the Omniverse family! I hadn’t heard of Flexism so I looked into it. Looks like some nice Simulation software! I didn’t see a USD importer/exporter (unless I missed it), so, as you suggested, it will probably need a Connector for Omniverse access. I will make a request for it for the development team!

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(An internal development ticket was made from this post: OM-48807: Request for Flexsim Connector)

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Hi Wendy! Bill from FlexSim. Let me know if you need anything from us. We have had some discussions with Mike Geyer about this issue already in February of this year so there may be something in the works.

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Is it possible to put the flexSim modeling into Omniverse?