Can optirun run CUDA programs without Nvidia drivers?

Hello I’m new using CUDA sorry if the question has been answered before. I have a Dell inspiron laptop and Ubuntu 12.04 as OS, as many user known has a double GPU (build in one and a dedicate one). In order to run with no problems (Heating) I install bumblebee so the dedicate GPU (Nvidia) can be use when ever is required.

To be able to run CUDA program, the Nvidia drivers where needed. I install the drivers but here come the problem when, I tried to use the CUDA-gdb in order to debug it say that the GPU is used for display. I found that the problem is that the GPU keeps going after the programs runs, the problem is fix by put in the blacklist the nvidia drivers in the bumblebee configuration.

I don’t understand how the drivers are loaded but as far I can understand if I implement the solution propose I won’t be able to run CUDA programs, can someone help me with this issue.

If you want to continue using Bumblebee, use “optirun --no-xorg” to start programs using CUDA without spawning an X server on the GPU to keep it available for debugging.

Thanks for the solution