Can orin carrier board design files provided compatible with production modules?

I want to build a carrier board for my production use case using the production module and can I just use the carrier board gerber, BOM & other design files provided by Nvidia below$product,jetson_orin_nano

Because in the document everywhere it is mentioned the word “devkit”

if the above files not compatible with production module, What we need to change in the original design?

also can I reuse the module provided in the devkit to test the above carrier board?

Please let me know


Hi, Yes, the devkit carrier board is compatible to production module. A custom design should based on customer’s use case. The devkit carrier board design package is for devkit carrier board itself. You can use it directly if your design is completely same to devkit. But generally, customer wil make their own design based on it and the Design Guide doc, as you can find in DLC.

thanks for the reply and i saw some post saying we can’t take out the module from dev kit and use it in custom carrier board is it true? bcs of the emmc and sdcard changes

The module of devkit should not be used in another way as it is for development only, not for product.

not even for checking if the carrier-board works?

That’s ok.

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