CAN Output Voltage on Pin 9

I’m not able to read voltage on pin 9 referenced to pin 3/6 on any of the CAN cables 1-6. I am using the lab bench power supply with the 9-conductor power cable. Is there any way to enable 12v output on the CAN?

CAN DB9 connector pin 9 VBAT(connect to KL30_VBAT), if have supply on KL30_VBAT should be able to get VBAT voltage on pin 9, thanks.

We saw that in the documentation, but the PX2 is plugged in with the power supply. Does the AC power supply not supply power to KL30_VBAT? How do we supply power to the KL30_VBAT?

The attached image is the power supply plugged into the PX2. Is the KL30_VBAT not powered this way?

Oh sorry this is Drive PX2.
DRIVE PX 2 AutoCruise Mechanical and Installation Guide (PDF)
DRIVE PX 2 AutoChauffeur Mechanical and Installation Guide (PDF)
Drive PX2 CAN connector only have CAN_H/CAN_L/GND, don’t have power on pin9.