Can PCIEx1 PCIEx4 usb3.0 be used together?

background : jetson nano jetpack4.2 custom carrier board
question:Can PCIEx1 PCIEx4 usb3.0 be used together? i had find UPHY lane assignment use cases in “Platform Adaptation and Bring-Up”, This screenshot has been added to the attachment.I want to confirm whether it can be used, If can, i will customize the carrier board.

No, PCIex1 is used for Ethernet on module. Please refer to OEM DG in DLC for lane mapping.

but PCIex1 lines not connect anything in “jetson_Nano_Carrier_Board_or_CAD_Schematics.pdf”,So I’m confused, why is it not connected to the ehernet?

Another question: Can PCIEx4 be used as two PCIEx2?
please help me, thank you

PCIe1 port is reserved, should not be used at present. Only one lane mapping is supported, please check OEM DG first. x4 can NOT be used as two x2.

thank you very much