Can save layer meterPerUnit

I can save my model because there is something wrong with the layers…

Hi @jack.jensen ,
Just trying to confirm this. Can you provide any additional information regarding this issue you are experiencing?
How did you previously author the meterPerUnit?
or how do you load your file before (are you using File-open or using Layers? )
Is the saved file created at all on your local disk ?
Any extra info you can provide would help us narrow down the issue better.

I used VPN to connect to the office.
I could not save at our Nucleus in the office.
I could save it earlier during the day.
I COULD save it on my localhost, so I still have the model.
No models where created inside Create, I have only put on materials from your material library.
The model was FBX and I used Import in the content browser.
I dont know what meterPerUnit is, so I have not authored anything.

If you are able to save locally but not on server, then it unlikely that it is related to the meterPerUnit warning.
I think those warnings are safe to ignore for your case. It’s most likely the product of the FBX to USD converter that writes the data in certain format.
Do you see any other log or error that relates to the host is unreachable or anything similar?
I’ll get this message to internal team here who would be more familiar with the server related issues.

Unless your localhost is a different version, the localhost & Nucleus at your office should both act the same for saving. Sounds like it could be a connection issue, were you able to save it Jack?

Were you able to open/save other models from your Nucleus at the office over VPN?