Can Shield pro installing Ubuntu with Jetpack?

I want to install Ubuntu on Shield pro 16g 2017 and found less tutorial, and my people says wrong operation will brick shield pro.
The shield pro is much similar like TX1 and the Jetpack can works for TX1, maybe it can work with shield?

Flashing includes a “board support package” which is custom to every circuit board and chip surrounding the actual TX1. The BSP of JetPack (which flashes L4t) is incorrect with your unit…if flash were to start and get far enough to start writing, then the unit would no longer be able to boot (there would probably be a way to reset it, but I don’t know what that would be).

Hi zhangygdyx, it isn’t supported by either the Shield hw or the JetPack-L4T sw. This forum is only for Jetson TX1, if you have further official questions about Shield development, please visit this forum for that: