Can somebody help me with a flashing error? [SOLVED]

i’m trying to flash a corrupted TK1 with the JetPak installer.
When I get to the flashing part of the installation, I get the following error:
Problems found when flashing device. Please check /home/user/JetPackTK1-1.1/_installer/logs/flashos.log for detailed reason.

I check the log file, and as it stated, I get this thing with ultimate detail. it has two lines.
open /home/user/JetPackTK1-1.1/_installer/tmp/jetpackfifo_req: no such file or directory

I check the tmp folder and it’s empty.
I delete all local files and restart. same problem.
I go to terminal and give it a lsusb. the jetson shows up.

any sugestions?

What kind of host machine are you flashing from? Have you flashed from this host before?

I’ve flashed microcontrollers, not the jetson, though
I am dual-booting ubuntu/win7. flashing in ubuntu.

Sometimes the need to do everything with sudo gets in the way…but permissions require root. Make sure you do your software unpacks and installs with sudo. It’s easy to test.

yep, I’m sudo-ing EVERYTHING.
nothing thus far.

update, the installer cannot handle 2 network connections for downloads.
the problem still persists after removing one

What I did for those who have the same problem:
Updated ubuntu
Updated gcc and GNU
And remember to sudo.

What version of Ubuntu were you using before upgrading, and what is the current version of Ubuntu that you used to get the flash to work?

14.04, both times. I just did the regular firmware things. I used 3 commands to achieve this.
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get upgrade
sudo apt-get dist-upgrade