Can someone decode what this message means please?

On a Quadro P600 or P620, I am getting an issue with an application that will run a-ok on a P1000 and higher.

I am getting the message below and I would like to know what it means. I know the application is using the NVDEC block and it is not stressed by any means.

The general scenario is that older drivers from early 2019 do not have this issue but late 2019 and newer will show it. The application itself follows a similar relationship where their early 2019 release does not show the problem but their late 2019 and newer will.

2020-07-17 03:37:33.245-04:00 [ 155] ERROR - 51723187-51a1-4f78-bcc5-2718ed01158f Camera 23 on S8a ( Video stream 1 Exception:
VideoOS.Platform.Primitives.Error: NmMediaProcessing::ImImageConsumer::OnException (line GenericVideo/ImageConsumerInterface.cpp, 54): Exception passed to consumer interface
NmMediaProcessing::CmNvidiaSDKVideoDecoder::CopyGrayscaleImage (line NvidiaSDKCodec/NvidiaSDKVideoDecoder.cpp, 1353): Error: 719 unspecified launch failure Error copying image data (progressive BGRA plane) from device memory to host memory!: error code 2
at VideoOS.Platform.MediaProcessing.StreamMotionDetection.CheckMotionLevel(GenericByteData byteData)
at VideoOS.Common.Media.MotionDetect.ProcessFrame(IFrame frame)
at VideoOS.Plugin.MotionDetection.MotionDetectionPlugin.ProcessFrame(IFrame frame)
at VideoOS.Recorder.ObjectModel.Processors.PluginEntry.ProcessFrame(IFrame frame)
at VideoOS.Recorder.ObjectModel.Processors.Pipeline.ThreadFunctionPart2()

The driver in play for this message was 451.28.

To be clear, the message that are prefixed VideoOS are the application being used. The message that appear to be from Nvidia SDK do not have that prefix and are the ones I am asking about.