Can someone please help me with Linux driver.

Can someone tell me if GeForce GT540M notebook drivers works on Linux Mint 17 cinnamon? I have tryed to install drivers but when i restart and after i login screen is all black. Should i get an ati card instead?

That should work. How exactly did you install the drivers, and how exactly are you logging in (for instance, are you getting a GUI interface and logging on there, or are you getting a line-mode getty and logging in there and running startx or similar?) If you’re getting a GUI login screen, then the drivers are probably OK, and something else is hosing up Gnome/KDE/whatever it is that tries to start up when you login.

GT540M sounds like optimus, so you can’t install the drivers in normal way.


Try installing the regular NVIDIA drivers via “Driver Manager” and pick the one without “updates” and it should say something like “nvidia-331”. I haven’t tried Linux Mint 17 on my notebook so I’m unsure… but it should install optimus automatically.