Can SX1012 Running MLNX_OS be upgraded to Onyx?

Have 2 x SX1012 running MLNX_OS - Currently have another issue relating to updates which isn’t working but that’s in another thread.

The question is, I want to use Mellanox NEO but believe I need to be running Onyx OS on the switches.

Is it as simple as doing a firmware/os upgrade using an Onyx version instead of a MLNX_OS version and then I’m good to do? Or is there more to it?



Hi Ben,

Neo is backwards compatible with MLNX-OS.

MLNX Onyx, is just a new name for the MLNX-OS Ethernet branch to keep separation between the Ethernet switches OS and Infiniband switches OS.

You can head over to this page, and see all the available OS for your SX1012:

It is indeed as simple as performing an OS upgrade, take a look at this article for instructions:

  • Same applies for Onyx.

Thanks Hagai.

It’s just a little confusing as both OS’s are offered

i.e. for the latest version, there is image-PPC_M460EX-3.6.8012 for MLNX-OS and onyx-PPC_M460EX-3.6.8012 for Onyx.

Are they essentially the same thing? I can install either with no problem?

The “upgrade from previous releases” matrix, in the release notes, is slightly different across the two versions.



Hi Benjamin,

Both images are the same, there was a decision made to offer the image both “for MLNX-OS” and “For Onyx” to try and avoid confusion with customers who use their switches for both Infiniband and Ethernet.

BTW, this is the last release for the SwitchX family (SX1012 included).