Can’t connect my Asus FX516PE (GeForce RTX 3050Ti) to 4k displays with HDMI, I’ve tried everything!


I have 2021 Samsung TV QE65Q60AA Software Ver 2101 (Latest) and Asus TUF Dash F15 FX516PE laptop with 4k output running windows 11 ver 22H2 and all drivers updated.

Everything was fine until yesterday when I was playing a game and using my Samsung TV as my display via HDMI, game mode was on and working fine and one second I came to disconnect my Ethernet cable and I just touched the HDMI cable connected to my laptop that caused it to get disconnected from my TV and the game crashed (refresh rate service error). After this incident I couldn’t connect my Asus laptop to my Samsung TV anymore, first I thought my cable is broken but I tested it with a different Laptop and it worked fine with my Samsung TV, and then I though my Asus HDMI port may be broken But I connected it to another TV and it worked fine too (another not 4k TV, it can’t connect to 4k displays even if I reduce the resolution)

So there is something specific wrong between my Asus laptop and my 4k Screens, I tried different types of HDMI cables, different resolutions but it didn’t work at all.

Then I thought maybe somehow my Asus laptop or my Samsung TV is blocked the other one after that incident that my game crashed, so I reinstalled my Windows and Reset factory my Samsung TV, but it didn’t help!

My Asus laptop detects the second screen (my Samsung TV connected to Geforce RTX 3050 Ti Laptop GPU) but my Samsung TV doesn’t recognize it (says unknown device).

I tried different HDMI ports of my TV, I tried first connecting them then turning on my laptop or vice versa but none of them helped me!

I would appreciate if anyone could help me solve this weird problem!

The problem happened when I came to disconnect my ethernet cable from my laptop and it is close to the HDMI port, and I just touched the HDMI cable and the connection can not be established afterwards.

I don’t know if the disconnecting of the ethernet cable might relate to the problem or not. (the HDMI cable is with ethernet as well)