Can’t install Cache on my PC

I’m trying to install Cache but it give me this error:

I get an error even if I reinstall
Please tell me the solution

@leonardinho14 - Sorry you are having issues installing Cache. Can i ask a few questions?

  1. Are you executing the Launcher from windows an account that has admin privilege?
  2. What windows version are you using ? You can use winver to get this data
  3. Is your windows version localized for something other than English? Like French, etc…

thanks for your attention,
About your questions


windows version spanish

@leonardinho14 - Thank you for the data. We have created an internal ticket to work this issue (OM-27264). Will respond with any workaround or solutions to your issue.

This issue should be resolved with latest version of Nucleus on the Launcher R7 Hotfix (2020.3.2)