Can texture memory be used to interpolate between randomly distributed points?

Hello, I am new to using texture memory.

Is it possible to be efficiently take advantage of texture memory to interpolate between randomly distributed points? The way I have seen use of texture memory presented it seems CUDA assumes, or that it is given, that the i, j indices of a 2D texture are uniformly spaced. But what if they are not evenly spaced, and an array index cannot be used to directly convert to some cartesian coordinate?

But what if an array is defined as: arr[x_coor][y_coor][value] as opposed to just arr[value] where the index would be directly converted into x_coor and y_coor (for a uniformly spaced grid)?

I already have my own software interpolator that works, but I’m just exploring more areas of the GPU hardware that I may be able to take advantage of.