Can the default values of an imported URDF robot model be edited from the GUI?


After importing a robot urdf, some of the auto-calculated parameters for links/joints/drives need adjustment.

The urdf importer tutorial suggests editing the generated USD file is through the Pixar USD API. I wonder why the loaded robot (on stage) cannot be edited in the GUI and then saved to overwrite the imported USD.

What is the difference between the robot that appears on the stage when the URDF importer works and the generated robot USD file?

It would be helpful if we could edit the robot’s parameters on stage using the GUI and let its model overwrite the generated USD model. Is this possible now, or must it be done with the Pixar USD API?

I appreciate any help you can provide.

The documentation released yesterday answers my question.

Yes, it is possible using the gain tuner to change the stiffness and damping parameters, but we have to open the USD without adding it as a reference to the stage so that we can edit its internal values.

Something is missing in the documentation, and I am sure practitioners will encounter it. Sometimes, the auto-computed mass of the robot links causes problems with strange robot motions. It also makes sense to decrease the drives’ Break Force, Break Torque, and Max Force.

This can be fixed when the robot’s USD model is open and not added as a reference to the stage.

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