Can the following pins be used as GPIO by changing their function in Customer Usage column of the Pinmux configuration?

We would like to use some of the following pins as GPIO on our custom board,

I2S1_FS - Pin 224
I2S1_DIN - Pin 222
I2S1_DOUT - Pin 220
I2S1_SCLK - Pin 226

SDMMC_CLK - Pin 229
SDMMC_CMD - Pin 227
SDMMC_DAT0 - Pin 219
SDMMC_DAT1 - Pin 221
SDMMC_DAT2 - Pin 223
SDMMC_DAT3 - Pin 225

I2S0_DIN - Pin 195
I2S0_DOUT - Pin 193
I2S0_FS - Pin 197
I2S0_SCLK - Pin 199

In the Pin muxing column I can see that all of these pins have a GPIO option. So I am guessing that it is possible to use these as GPIO, but I would like to confirm the same as we will be relying on these pins to implement certain functionalities.



If the spreadsheet let you change the pinmux, then you can change it.

Please also refer to the design guide document and see the current usage of these pins. They should not be used by some I/O now.

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