Can the NX16 boot without using an NVMe solid-state drive (SSD) and instead boot directly from the core board's memory?

Can TheJetson Orin NX 16 boot without external NVMe?

No, must from external drive. It could be either usb or nvme.

May I ask if I currently burn the image into the NVMe and then connect it to the Type-C interface on the peripheral carrier board of NX16 via a solid-state drive enclosure, can this solution boot?Because the NVMe interface on my carrier board is broken.

No guarantee. It is not possible for me to just see your picture and tell if it can work or not.

I just tried, and it doesn’t work to connect directly like this. How can I boot from USB? Is there any reference documentation for guidance?

In the first section of the basic document…

Thank you. If I want to boot from a USB drive, does it need to have a minimum size of 64GB?

Yes, better having 64GB.

Thank you for your prompt response. With only a 16GB USB drive on hand, is it possible to use it, even if it is not the recommended size?

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