Can the Tiler's columns, rows, width, and height properties be updated when in a playing state?

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I’m having trouble updating the Tiler’s columns, rows, width, and height properties when dynamically adding and removing sources while the Pipeline is playing. The Tiler seems to be able to add tiles when new streams are added, and I can update the Tiler output width and height. But I’m unable to explicitly remove tiles or change the width and height after removing a source.

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This can be reproduced with the example with a simple addition. The example sets the properties just once prior to playing the pipeline with the following.

    tiler.set_property("width", TILED_OUTPUT_WIDTH)
    tiler.set_property("height", TILED_OUTPUT_HEIGHT)

But I’m unable to update the properties if I add similar code in the add_sources and remove_sources functions.

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We cannot support change the tiler’s property when the pipeline is running now. Thanks

So show-source is the only property that can be updated when playing?

No, I mean in the demo, we adjust the tiler’s colum and rows according to the source_id automatically. You don’t have to set these parameters.

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