Can the type-c expansion dock use the HDMI interface in AGX orin Devkit?

hello, Nvidia
I need to expand a new screen on my AGX orin Devkit, so I want to buy a typec expansion dock to connect the new display, I have the following questions

  1. I’m not sure if this is possible.
  2. If it is feasible, should the interface of the expansion dock be DP or HDMI?
  3. Do I need to change the device tree or driver to adapt?

What/Where will this “type C expansion dock” connect to on jetson?

thank your quickly reply,
please look follow image

According to my test, AGX orin devkit doesn’t seem to be able to connect to a new display through type-c to HDMI?

If you are talking about you want the usb port on jetson to ouput display signal, then it is not possible.

Why is this? I remember it seems that AGX Xavier has this function

AGX Xavier does not output it either. We just had a hardware chip in the xavier agx devkit design which split the signal. From jetson’s point of view, it still output the DP signal. Not USB signal.

I understand.

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