Can the Uphy 0 be used as Sata?

Xavier Devkit use a pcie-sata bridge IC to achieve the sata function,can the Uphy0 be used as a sata channel directly?

No, it is not available. If you need SATA support in production, please contact nvidia sales.

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OK,Thank you!Is it neccesarry to supply a clk source to UPHY_REFCLK1_P/N、UPHY_REFCLK2_P/N、NVHS0_SLVS_REFCLK0_P/N、NVHS0_SLVS_REFCLK1_P/N、NVHS1_SLVS_REFCLK0_P/N、NVHS1_SLVS_REFCLK1_P/N? Or I can use the UPHY and NVHS without a REFCLK?

No, please just follow the OEM DG to make design.

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