Can tlt launcher work without online access to NGC repository?

• Hardware -
GeForce RTX 3090
Ubuntu 18.04 x64
NVIDIA driver 470.74
• Network Type - Faster_rcnn
• TLT Version:

Configuration of the TAO Toolkit Instance
docker_tag: v3.21.08-py3

  1. augment
  2. bpnet
  3. classification
  4. detectnet_v2
  5. dssd
  6. emotionnet
  7. faster_rcnn
  8. fpenet
  9. gazenet
  10. gesturenet
  11. heartratenet
  12. lprnet
  13. mask_rcnn
  14. multitask_classification
  15. retinanet
  16. ssd
  17. unet
  18. yolo_v3
  19. yolo_v4
  20. converter
    docker_tag: v3.21.08-py3
  21. speech_to_text
  22. speech_to_text_citrinet
  23. text_classification
  24. question_answering
  25. token_classification
  26. intent_slot_classification
  27. punctuation_and_capitalization
    docker_tag: v3.21.08-py3
  28. n_gram
    format_version: 1.0
    toolkit_version: 3.21.08
    published_date: 08/17/2021

I have an x64 Linux Ubuntu 18.04 machine which isn’t connected directly to the internet but via an air gap environment.
In other machine which connected to NGC, I pulled the docker image
And copied it to my offline machine.
When I try to run it using this command:

docker run “TLT Image ported name”:v3.0-py3

I got the following error:

--2021-11-02 09:57:25--
Resolving ( failed: Temporary failure in name resolution.
wget: unable to resolve host address ''

I already downloaded the ngc cil manually and installed it in my offline machine and configured its path in the LD_LIBRARY_PATH.

Why the docker run command trying to access
How can I handle this issue when my machine has no access to it?

Because the docker will download and install latest ngc cli.

For your case, you can generate a custom docker based on tlt/tao docker.

Can you clarify please what is the meaning of custom docker?
Do you mean that I’m able to edit the internal logic of the TAO docker images?
For example, to remove the dependency on ngc cli too?

If yes, please describe the required steps to do that.


I mean you can build a new docker with a dockerfile based on tao docker.
Refer to Sample application | Docker Documentation

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