CAN traffic on AGX

Hi there,

When reading the Elektrobit User Guide for Drive AGX, we got impression that all traffic from CAN interfaces on the board is first delivered to Aurix and then re-routed to Performance Controllers. Is this true? Performance controllers do not direct access to the CAN traffic (i.e. vehicle CAN bus)?



Dear bogdan0kg3v,

This message router concept (EasyCAN) from EB is an initial development solution to access all 6 CAN channels from performance ECU(Tegra).

In addition to this, 2 channels of CAN(CAN 2 & CAN 6) are directly connected to Tegras and these 2 channels can be accessed by Tegra directly using socket CAN interface without routing through MCU.

Where can i get access to Elektrobit User Guide for Drive AGX?

Hi Shayam,

You can find it on your host PC under ~/nvidia/nvidia_sdk/DRIVE_Software_10.0_Linux_OS_E3550/DRIVEOS/drive-t186ref-foundation/utils/scripts/