Can trt engine which is generated on agx use on tx2?

As the title, I wonder “Can TensorRT engine which is generated on AGX use on TX2?”

I knew trt engine which cannot be supported on different platform. (Source here) But I thought AGX and TX2 should be the same platform.

Does anyone try it before?


Sorry that TensorRT engine cannot be used cross-platform.
So you will need to generate it directly on the device of inference.


Hi @AastaLLL ,
Thanks for your reply.

How about the same os system?
For example, I have two desktops which are all installed Ubuntu 18.04 system.
Can the engine which is generated from desktop A use on desktop B?

Thank you

Hi @Chieh, you can share TensorRT engine as long as the GPU, OS version, and TensorRT version are the same. By association, CUDA and cuDNN versions should be the same too.

Thank you!