Can TX2 handle 2 x Kinect 2

Can the TX2 really support 2 USB3 ports (some posts have indicated more than one USB port) - the shematic and layout appears to indicate just one mapped via APB so presuming no. Each Kinect allocates 45% of the USB3 bandwidth and claims to need a dedicated lane.

If each Kinect allocates 45% of the bus bandwidth and two are connected why is it not possible to use 2 devices in one port (guessing the switching and headers waste more than the residual 10% plus timing) ? That is if they are actually using 45% of the underlying physical bandwitdh.

The reason for the question is that I think it may be possible to use 2 because of how MS have done the same in the past with USB2 devices where under the MS SDK/framework approach multiple devices don’t work and then shift into linux and finer control and 4 devices work on a port (this was not with Kinect).

I know with the streaming and timing interlacing two streams may have issues if the internal buffers in the Kinect fill before the next switch and this may well be the underlying problem. Is it really not possible to reduce the 300fps raw rate in the Kinect ?

The reason for the question is that I am looking to use two kinects separated by around 1.2m on a couple of tracked vehicles I have built (2xkinect2 on each) and the two depth fields would provide a near focus ground controur to spot any particular navigation issues. Further out RGB cameras would then provide a secondary perspective for guidance. Initially with only a forward view, future would be 6 to 8 Kinects for full 360 depth in sterio to see and track both sides of objects.

The Kinect is very appealing on price and capability and such a shame that MS did not implement or reveal a means to throttle the data rate.

First, are you sure the Kinect drivers work on ARM hosts like the TX2?
Second, the structured light projector may interfere if the field of the two sensors overlaps.
Third, you can add more USB3 ports through a third party PCI express card plugged into the PCI Express 4x slot on the devkit motherboard.

Technically yes, via libfreenect2, with a few changes although I have not seen anyone get one working yet. Both are A57 and I have seen a V2 working on TX1, not sure if any are with the onboard USB port.

Interference is low and no issue for my application as the zone of overlap will be the ground covered by the middle of the vehicle where the tracks will not touch the ground.

The PCIe route would seem to be the only realistic option with a 2-4 port card that has dedicated chips for each USB port. The spec of the PCIe would seem to be able of supporting a card with 4 dedicated USB3 ports Gen 2 | 1×4 + 1×1 or 2×1 + 1×2.

I was hoping for a way without going down the PCIe route to keep the component count and size down, although it would appear to be the only viable route.

Hi treetrack, so you are evaluating to have a custom board with 2 USB3 ports?

“evaluating to have a custom board” ?

Ideally the jetson would have had 2 USB3 ports with dedicated controllers (full bandwidth from each) and belive that this would provide more commodity hardware to be used and experimented with, removing the requirement to add in 2 more component joints (riser and PCI card) to fail with vibration.

The reason I’m looking at dual Kinects (and the dual USB3 bandwidth requirement) is that I believe that is all I would need for my navigation requirement as I then have multiple sterio options (wide and narrow) and partial shadow evasion on depth. That’s what I believe.

For development phase at the moment I’m concluding that a mini/micro PC will be a better option and then migrate to the jetson for production.

On default development board, there is only one USB3 port, so you may not be able to run your case on it and need to have a custom board with two USB3 ports. There should be some custom boards from 3rd party available.

Hey guys!
I’m using the JETSON TX 2 with the following configuration:
L4T 28.2.1 [ JetPack 3.3 or 3.2.1 ]
Board: t186ref
Ubuntu 16.04.6 LTS
Kernel Version: 4.4.38-tegra
CUDA 9.0.252

And I’d like to connect it with a Kinect v2, however, I didn’t have success. I’ve done everything that I read on the forums here on Github and on JetsonHacks, even tried to install as Kinect v1, but nothing. After all, I saw that it’s not possible to connect a default board (TX2) with this device. Is it true?

By the way, which camera is it better to develop SLAM applications? ZED?

Thanks in advance.