Can TX2 support discontinuous SOF ?

I am porting my CSI cmos sensors to TX2 28.2.The sensors support frame sync and work fine on TX1.
On TX2,when triggle the FSYNC, the app will hang up and the kernel printed a “PXL_SOF” error message.
I think that sensors will create a new SOF when FSYNC and TX1 can tolerate it. TX2 can not tolerate it? How to let TX2 support this “feature”?


I am sorry to tell TX2 can’t support this. You should not gen a new SOF after the old frame complete.

Thank for reply.
TX2 can’t support this because of hardware or driver?
Any suggestion to my case? How to use the “CAM_SYNC” pin on TX2?

What I think is don’t trigger the SYNC during the capturing. You can trigger it before the CSI/VI start capture data.


How to use the “CAM_SYNC” pin of TX2?

You have to check with the sensor vendor to make sure the sensor can support it. And get the connect information from them.

Using the CAM_SYNC pin of TX2 as a GPIO?

Yes, for tegra it’s a GPIO pin only.


That TX2 can’t support this as TX1 is because of hardware or driver?

It could be the software issue. Current the recovery mechanic not implement for TX2. It’s on going it should be have in the future release.