Can TX2 support two CSIx4, two DSI x4, one HDMI simultaneously?

Hi Everyone:
We want to use tx2 to support two CSIx4, two DSI x4, one HDMI simultaneously. According to the “Jetson_TX2_TX2i_Module_DataSheet_v01.pdf” we think it can support such config. But we wonder if there is any performance constraints.We use Jetpack3.2.1 , is there any dts demo in it ?

What do you means two CSIx4?

Hi ShaneCCC:
Sorry for my description. I mean i need two camera connect to csi, both of the camera use four mipi lanes.
We want to design a board has the following feature:

  1. CSI: Use two camera connect to CSI-A,CSI-C
  2. DSI: Use two lcd connect to DSI-A,DSI-C
  3. HDMI: Use one HDMI output
    Is that possible on TX2 ?

No problem to support this design for TX2.