Can 'ubuntu system update' change AGX board mux setting?


Thanks for Nvidia forums’ big help.

I finally got how to use spi.

But when I update ubuntu system, all pinmux setting is go back to default state.
Is it right?

if this is normal, how can I fix my pinmux state?

hello easter1208,

it’s MB1 to apply pinmux configurations, you may also refer to MB1 Platform Configuration chapter for more details.
you may access pinmux spreadsheets to have customization and flash the board to update the configuration,
or, you may check Configuring the 40-Pin Expansion Header to use Jetson‑IO utility for customization.

I’ve already modify Pinmux configuration file at host PC.
And flash it to my jetson board.

Pinmux is configured the value what I want when right after flash.

But ubuntu have very frequent system update as you know.
After system update, my pinmux registor velue is automatically changed to default kernel source state(values from nvidia).

Is it right?

For example, I set 0x243d040 to 0x404 before flash, and the value is right when I flash it.
But after system update, the value of 0x243D040 is changed to 0x55.

Please help me to fix it.

hello easter1208,

you may disable system update to avoid overwrites.

So, you means that system update overwrites my pinmux setting is normal.

hello easter1208,

I’m not sure what’s system update done; you’ll lose board configuration if the MB1 binary has been updated.
suggest you to disable system update to avoid overwrites.

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