Can USB0 be repurposed as a regular host-mode USB port?

I’m working on a project using the NX16 where we want to use USB0 for flashing, but we’d like to use USB0 in host-mode after the kernel has booted.

Is this possible with a device tree / kernel change? If so, is there an example change somewhere I can start working with?


You mean the Orin NX 16GB module, right? Which carrier board you’re using?
With which JetPack SW version?

Yep, that’s right. Its the reComputer J4012 running JetPack 5.1.2.

For information, the USB2-0 roothub is designed as a type-A port on the custom board?

It’s a USB-C port.

Would like to confirm the design. So the type-C port has only USB2 pins and can work in host mode only? For a type-C port we would expect it has USB2 and USB3 pins, and there is a PD controller for handling polarity.

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