Can users create their account on first boot?

After we burn the image, can users create their account on first launch user desktop?

After flash users “ubuntu” (UID 1000) and “nvidia” (UID 1001) will exist. Default passwords are “ubuntu” and “nvidia”, respectively. You can change the password (highly advisable) via this while logged in to that account:


You can use the root account only indirectly via “sudo”. As root (via sudo) you can create new users just like any other Linux system. There is also a GUI tool if you log in as “ubuntu” or “nvidia”, and can create new users that way if you are not comfortable on command line.

On command line you might use “sudo useradd <whatever_the_name_is>”. To use the GUI and GPU for CUDA you will need to add this new user to group “video”, e.g., if the user is “newguy”:

sudo useradd newguy
sudo passwd useradd
# set the password to something new
# Next append a new group "video"...the "-a" is important to append instead of replace a group.
sudo usermod <b>-G video -a</b> newguy

FYI, you can log in to a root shell and not type sudo each time via “sudo -s”. When done type “exit”.

Note that user “ubuntu” is a special account. You should not delete this account. User “nvidia” is used for a lot of the software nvidia adds. Technically you could delete this account, but you’d end up frustrated, so I suggest leave this account alone.

Do remember that everyone in the world knows the default passwords. You should change this instantly on first boot if you are connected to a network not protected by firewall or router…within a couple of minutes a non-protected network would have a script kiddie attempting to log in as “ubuntu” with pass “ubuntu”. If you are behind a router which doesn’t forward ssh you can ignore changing the password, but it is still a good idea to change it.

Dear linuxdev,
If the user is not familiar with command and the user want to create own account on first boot desktop, such as the general ubuntu desktop distribution, is it possible?

Yes. Log in to the GUI as either user “ubuntu” or user “nvidia”. There is a configuration tool which is standard among all Ubuntu distributions and is no different on a Jetson than it is on a desktop PC. Do keep in mind that account “ubuntu” is a special account and not one you should remove. On a Jetson the “nvidia” account is used with JetPack to add packages. You will already have user accounts “ubuntu” and “nvidia” after flash. Any public information you find about this release of Ubuntu (16.04) will apply to adding users on a Jetson.

Dear linuxdev,
Okay, I understand.
Thank you very much &Best regards!

Do be sure that your alternate user is added to supplemental group “video” as well. This is normally something one would do after first creating the default account. Without this GPU/CUDA and GUI login won’t be available. The same tools in the GUI should have that ability as well.