Can vl42 convert format?

I need an app that uses v4l2 to capture frames from webcam.
the app needs to process (un compressed !!!) 4k frames with 30fps.

according to v4l2-ctl, to get 4k frames with 30 fps, camera requires MJPEG files (compressed).

That means MJPEG files has to be converted to raw files (eg, RGB).

question is:

  1. is there any way to configure v4l2 do the conversion for me
    or do i have to write special code to do the conversion ?
  2. if i have to write special code to do the conversion,
    is there any recommandation how to do it efficently ?(i an working with Orin)

Please refer to the sample and see if it can be applied to your use-case:


A general case is to capture frame data in YUV422(YUYV or UYVY) and convert to YUV420(or can convert to RGBA) through NvBufferTransform(). This is done in hardware converter. Please note RGB or BGR is not supported.

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