Can we automatically redirect users to where they were before they got automatically logged in?

Okay, this actually bugs me a lot. I google something and then the nvidia forums come up. I open it in a new tab, and as I’m reading the post, I automatically get logged in and redirected to the devtalk.nvidia forums home.

Now, the browser doesn’t take me back to where I was, and what I do is I hit “Back”, copy paste the URL, and then enter that again.

This is really annoying.

I appreciate the auto-login feature, it makes it easier to post something in reply. But it should also take us back to where we came from.

Hi Angelo,

Thanks for the feedback. We are aware of this, and it is on our list of issues to address when we redesign the Devtalk forums soon.

Best regards,

Yes, please, it’s driving me nuts.

I have the same problem and look forward to a resolution! Thank you!

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Must be a long list :Posted 07/30/2019 03:43 PM

7 months I’ve been waiting on this 10 minute fix, you do realize how this makes the company that produces the worlds most bleeding edge product look don’t you? If not catch a clue and get this done.

They’re working on it. I’ve gotten a preview of the new forum and it’s much better (supports things like markup as well). MIgrating a forum is pretty complicated, actually.

Yes, I know. Managed several phpBB sites for a few years, PITA and a full time occupation that started out as a favor.

Ditto. Phpbb and SMF and a bunch of other things. PITA indeed. I am not sure if I am allowed to elaborate, but Nvidia’s chosen solution will get rid of the PITA element. You’ll see what I mean when it’s public. Hang in there.