Can we connect Bluetooth mouse and keyboard to Intel 8265NGW Wifi card?

So that I can save one of my USB port for other purpose.

Intel 8265NGW card:


Hi autoroboculture,

At current L4T BSP, there is no Human Interface Device Profile (HID) profile which is the mandatory BT profile for connecting and utilize with BT mouse and keyboard, you will need to implement those profiles to get it work.


I just set up my jetson nano with an Intel 8265NGW. I added a logitech K480 bluetooth keyboard and it works very well. I would like to add a bluetooth mouse as well, have to test it.

Wait that doesn’t make any sense, I have a PlayStation 4 controller connected to it, it worked out-of-the-box, it must be using HID since Ubuntu sees it as a game controller… Am I misunderstanding something here?

Just to confirm, I have an Intel 8265NGW. I added a logitech K480 bluetooth keyboard and now a generic bluetooth mouse and both are working concurrently without issues, just a bit delay for the mouse to connect again after it went to stan-by if not used

Hello all, I just added a 8265NGW. When I tried to pair a Logitech K375 keyboard, pairing failed with a keyboard setup failure error message. This should be very close to roberto_car’s setup, except the keyboard model number, but somehow it did not work

I also tried bluetooth pairing to a Bose Minilink II and Microsoft designer mouse, both pairing failed too.

Any suggestion? Thanks

To pair the K480 I pressed and held the button for Windows/Android/Chrome OS until the led started flashing then used the bluetooth GUI to search. It did take a little longer than normal for the next button to be able to be pressed to continue the pairing which involved typing a PIN on the K480 and pressing Enter.

I dont´ know if the K375 is similar, but just check if this can help. Also, make sure that there is no other bluetooth device attached before you do the pairing.

Dear Roberto,

Thank you very much for your help. Your sharing made me feel more confident about my trial and errors. When I pair K375 using GUI interface, it never got to the point to type in the PIN. And the failed pairing entries always got stuck under the bluetooth menu

I found that I can use sudo bluetoothctl at the command line to manually start the pairing processes and monitored its progress. Somehow using the GUI version from the menu bar did not work for me.

I use the same approach to pair the keyboard and mouse. Now my desk space is no longer cluttered by 2 keyboards and 2 mouse

Thank you again for your help and assistance.


I was able to connect bluetooth mouse to my jetson nano 2gb using bluetoothctl command line tool. Used instructions from here