Can we containerize the Omniverse Create App?

Hi Folks,
I am looking for some help/information on containerizing the Omniverse Create App so that it can be used in Kubernetes Environment.
Also, is it possible to do so similarly to the Isaac-Sim container to run that app headless, which Nvidia has already published?
@WendyGram It would be great to hear some help on developing a containerized version of the Omniverse Create App.
Thank You

hello @jimit-modi -
Is it your goal to run Create as a headless container to do some type of batch rendering? or to have an interactive session with that container running Create?

Hi @mirice -
The final goal is to run the Create App as a headless container to do some type of batch rendering.

hello @jimit-modi -

For your use case i would look at using Omniverse Farm. Omniverse Farm — Omniverse Farm Agent and Farm Queue documentation. Allows for a server to be allocated for headless Create based rendering. You can also write custom jobs that utilize Kit/Create to do other actions. But these Farm components are not containerized (Farm Queue , Farm Agent and Create).

As to downloading and/or building a container for Create, this workflow is not present at this time. I will relay this request as a possible future enhancement to the Omniverse product catalog.

@mirice -
I will surely try out Omniverse Farm and check whether it can be used for our use case.
So, are there any ways with which we can create a containerized app to just render the output of the .usd file from the Enterprise Nucleus server to the Web?