Can we have Blender-Ov-branch for Linux platform?

Can we have Blender-Ov-branch for Linux platform?

Hi @yuanmiaomiao1994. I’m looking into this for you.

@yuanmiaomiao1994 The Linux version is available as an experimental build. Look for the branch called"universal-scene-description here: Blender Builds -

Thanks for your reply. I’ve noticed that has the Linux version of Blender. The thing is that the Ov Blender can do things that the original blender couldn’t do. As I experienced, directly exporting USD files from the original Blender doesn’t work for Ov. Ov-branch Blender, however, gives the 3d assets kind of prims and material package(and many other options) so that the USD file works properly in OV. My current workflow involves creating 3D assets(in Mac version-blender) and using Ov(mainly Create) set multiple scenes for later workflow(involves other colleagues who had to use the Linux system). As Ov doesn’t have a Mac version and Linux Ov doesn’t have a Ov-version-Blender. I had to use another Windows device with Ov-Verison-Blender for just exporting USD which could be used for later worklow. If we could have an Ov-branch-Blender, it could save me tons of time.

Hi, I just noticed that this is a new version that I didn’t try it out yet. I’ll try out whether this works for my case and let you know.

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