Can we install Deepstream on Pop_os18.04?

Can we install Deepstream on Pop_os18.04, which is built on top of Ubuntu 18.04.
Pop!_ OS is built from Ubuntu repositories.

Laptop: ASUS TUF Gaming F15
GPU: RTX 3050

I installed 18.04 along with Windows 10 (Dual Boot), facing multiple issues after installation → Touchpad is not working, Wifi adapter is not detected, Ethernet cable is not detected.
So with this installation I was unable to proceed with Deepstream installation.

On the other hand, I installed Pop_OS 20.04, It was working really fine no issues.
I was able to install Nvidia driver, Cuda 11.4, TensorRT 8.
when I installed deepstream, It successfully installed but at the end I got a message “Unsupported OS”.

But when I run make command for deepstream-test1 : It successfully built.
While running end up with error “Unable to create one element”.


  1. So If I install Pop_os 18.04, then will deepstream installation work?
  2. Or the errors I got above can be resolved with some tweaks??

Thanks in advance!!

@popuser @kayccc

HI @user117114 ,
We didn’t validate DeepStream on Pop_os
Not sure what the difference between Pop_os and UBuntu, and if the GStreamer and NVIDIA compute stack can work well on Pop_os.

Can you use DeepStream on the validated OS?

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