Can we please get MFAA and DSR support for Linux?


seeing how more and more games run on Linux, and how there still isn’t any Linux driver support for MFAA and DSR, would I kindly ask if this could please receive some attention by Nvidia?

MFAA stands for Multi-Frame Anti-Aliasing, where the quality is improved by altering the AA pattern of consecutive frames.

DSR stands for Dynamic Super Resolution, offering higher rendering resolutions for improving the visual quality.

These features were introduced with the Maxwell GPUs and since then find support by the Windows driver.


Essentially, this is already present. 6/2019
In the NVIDIA X Server Settings GUI, go to ‘X Server Display Configuration’ and select the monitor you want to use DSR on. Click the Advanced Settings button. The ViewPortIn, ViewPortOut, and Panning are the settings we are going to adjust.

Assuming 1080p screen.
Example: Manually change ViewPortIn to 2650x1440 (or your desired resolution)
Leave ViewPortOut at 1920x1080
Set Panning to = ViewPortIn (Most likely was already auto configured to match.)

At this point you should be able to select the higher resolution within your Non-Native games.
For example, this worked with my WineHQ/Lutris installation of Gothic 3, but I have yet to determine how to make this work in my native Linux(Mint 19.1) install of Witcher 2 or Divinity - original sin.

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