Can we rename the "common" folder name, which is included with VideoCodecSDK?

I am trying to rename the “common” folder with my specific name, i have changed the directory path and able to compile but at run time cuModuleLoadDataEx() function failed and return error:-“CUDA_ERROR_INVALID_CONTEXT”.If i will change it with older one(common),the cuModuleLoadDataEx() function calls successfully,Pls help if anyone has knowledge about it.

Which sample are you building? It should surely be possible to change the name. You just have to find all the occurrences of references to common. That’s why I ask which sample you are building.

I am working on NvDecodeD3D11 sample that is given in video codec sdk, Already i have find all the occurrences to common and renamed it with my new folder name ,but at run time cuModuleLoadDataEx() function failed, i want to know there is something with “common” folder that is hardbound in NVDEC APIs.

I changed my name to common2 and everything worked fine. You’ll have to use the debugger to find out where you went wrong. I had to change the VC directories include path, some C++ file properties, and all the hard-coded SDK search paths. It looks like you may have missed the path for the PTX file.