Can we run an AGX module without a carrier board?

Is it possible to run an AGX module without a carrier board in a “standalone mode”, without any perpherals attached? Let’s assume the AGX module has already been flashed, and has some monitoring software on board the eMMC. If so, then we think it should be possible to power up an AGX without the carrier board. Here’s the idea:

We’d plan to provide HV (12V) and MV(5V) and have a circuit that will guarantee that they are within 10% of their value which then deasserts VDD_IN_PWR_BAD_N (goes to 5v in deassertion mode). Would this allow the AGX to power up and run whatever was flashed on it?

We’d like to verify that the above approach will let us run an AGX module in a “standalone” mode without any carrier.

The carrier board is for power supply and interfaces of module. If your design can give correct power sequence to module as listed in product design, then it should be workable without interface connections.

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