Can we slave a computer to our nano?

My thoughts are the hardware on the nano and the software packages they contain are probably very specific to our Jetson devices. And before I attempt to add a new SDD to my desktop and start loading new os/software/packages, I kinda want to know if I will be wasting my time.

I want to use the Jetson (nano) as the core of the system, but utilize the power of my desktop (i9990k@5ghz-GTX1080-32gb4133 and/or i9990kf@5ghz-RTX2080Super-16gb3600) for all the major processing and experimentation.

Your thoughts about this? What would you do to achieve this?

I don’t know if able to utilize the desktop as major processing due to no relevant interface to do that, you may refer to Jetson Projects forum to see if can gain some ideas.