Can we use Dijkstra’s Algorithm in Jetson Xavier nx?

I am having Jetson Xavier nx. Can I use Dijkstra’s Algorithm in Xavier nx?

We want to use the Dijkstra’s Algorithm for pathplanning in drone. So I want to know that whether Dijkstra’s Algorithm is supported in Jetson Xavier nx or not?
Please let me know as soon as possible.

This seems not a platform related problem. You should search for some public library.

Make up your mind! You just asked about A-star, and now you’re talking about Dijkstra’s, which is a totally different algorithm. Presumably you’ll only want one or the other!

Also, I still recommend Haskell for this. It’s a very good language for algorithms.

Please tell me that will Dijkstra’s Algorithm work on Xavier nx or not?

I’m going to do one better: I’m going to help you answer the question yourself!

Do you have a basic algorithms textbook?
If so, open the texbook up to the chapter on Dijkstra’s Algorithm, and flip to the section where they show the pseudocode.
Now, enter that code into your code editor, in the programming language of your chocie, running on the Xavier.
Compile and run the program, and determine for yourself, whether Dijkstra’s Algorithm works in that instance.
There’s nothing like the power of being able to answer questions yourself!

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Please provide me the code in python for achieving Dijkstra’s Algorithm in pathplanning.
As soon as possible.

And Thanks for answering

@vashisht.akshat.rn.04 as others have stated, there is nothing specific about A* or Dijkstra’s Algorithm and it being “supported” on Jetson. Jetson is an ARM-based architecture and can run practically any codes just like your x86 laptop/PC would.

Google search for ‘Dijkstra’s Algorithm python’