Can we use SDK manager flash our own board?

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Our board is constituted by a TX2-4GB module and our own carrier board, We have to use SDK-manager flash it through IP connection. Can we do that using SDK-manager? And if we change the board name, can we still do that?


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use SDK-manager flash it through IP connection

No, sdkmanager does not support to flash the board through IP connection.

if we change the board name, can we still do that?

What is the board name here and how did you change it?

Sorry for my ambiguous expressions.

We just use IP connection to trigger. So this is not a problem.

Here we care about if we have a new board name, and so far we don’t know how to change the official board name. Here we want to know, can we still use sdk manager to flash our board with a non-official board name?


Sdkmanager only has pre-defined options for you to choose. I still wonder what is the board name you want to add.

You could write a new flash config (old one is jetson-tx2.conf) in Linux_for_Tegra and use that file to flash. However, sdkmanager will not know the existence of this file.

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Our customer ask for a new name instead of the nvidia official name. A new name like company_AI_camera.

Hi WayneWWW,

We want to use a command to trigger target board into recovery mode, so we don’t need open SDK GUI any more. Is that possible?


Rebooting via this should probably go to recovery mode, but I doubt this is what you really want:

sudo reboot --force forced-recovery

In particular, recovery mode turns the Jetson into a special device understood only by the driver package. This does not turn the Jetson into mass storage. You could go to recovery mode this way if the operating system is already booted normally, but you’d still need a host PC running Linux to flash.

The SDK Manager is a front end to the flash process (requiring recovery mode) and to adding extra packages (requiring a fully running Jetson with an account to log in to via ssh). The actual SDKM GUI can be eliminated if you just want to flash, but you’d still be running on a remote host via command line instead of GUI.

Jetsons cannot self-flash without a host PC, nor without the USB cable if that is what you are looking for.

Hello linuxdev,

Does jetson tx2 support jetpack flash with another tx2(host).

The binary is built for x86 but not aarch64. Thus not working.

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That’s seem right what I need.